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İş barədə məlumat - KNEXEL Technologies is looking to grow a professional team in the hardware and electronics field to build innovative solutions for Azerbaijan market  - Our aim to develop effective innovative prototypes and bring them to production in the shortest time  - We are looking for people who can design and build circuits and/or devices.  - Work type: standard 5 day / permanent / fulltime (9:00-18:00)  - Salary: negotiable Namizədə tələblər - Degree in Electronic Engineering or similar related territory with at least 1 years of experience in field hardware and electronics design  - Highly motivated, well organized, innovative and proactive.  - Reading, Writing and Understanding in English  - Ability to work effectively within a team  - Self-motivated to learn and research new things  - Ability to understand, design and build new electronic circuits in field analog and digital  - Ability to work with microcontrollers and digital IC‘s (Integrated Circuit)  - Ability to coding in C/C++ or assembler for microcontrollers  - Ability to using an existence algorithms or generate new algorithms to solve the problems  - Ability to work or learn to work with high sensitive measuring devices like as Oscilloscope, Multi-meter, Function generator and etc.  - Ability to work or learn to work with emulators and simulators like as Or-CAD, Proteus, NI-Labview and etc.  - Ability to understand math functions in electronics

Əlavə məlumat:
  • Əlaqədar şəxs: Anar Huseynli
  • Vəzifə: Electronic engineer
  • E-mail: career@knexel.com
  • Telefon 1: (077) 310-20-00
  • Şirkətin adı: KNEXEL Technologies
  • İş təcrübəsi: 1 ildən 3 ilə qədər
  • Təhsil: Ali