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Elektromexanik - Fikrət Abdullayev 1000azn

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Competencies generator and electrical devices repair the boiler and heating system montajisiq assembly evro3 gas, diesel boilers temiri aftomatika demon farsunkalari both, or all non-system temiri temirboru welding machines. Bauman Moscow Construction Institute of Energy and mechanization Geder heat 4 in the course of writing experience and knowledge I have no diploma Ri-group sirketinde isi 7 years electrician worked in Moscow from Kazakhstan till 2003, 2010, LTC insaat kutay electrician sanitation and construction work in 2013, 2014, worked for the company. Send Your mkft electro-thermal 2015 2016 Additional Information Russian, Turkish, and most importantly mehsuliyetli tadjik language ability Good communication kolektivde Core

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