Security Guard - SIR Group Security / Работа в Азербайджане

Security Guard - SIR Group Security

Описание работы
- Ensure access control of all staff/visitors/contractors 
- Reception and registration of all persons entering the premises 
- Ensure identification badge management (issue of visitor passes) 
- Inspect, monitor and control CCTV/Video Surveillance systems 
- Report and record any unusual activity inside or in the immediate vicinity of the premises 
- Ensure immediate intervention on the spot in the event of an incident 
- Immediately report any incidents 
- Keep the visitors log 
- Screen incoming mail 
- Where applicable, ensure the operation, monitoring and basic maintenance of 
walkthrough metal detector, the x- ray machine and the hand held    metal detector 
- Conduct internal and external patrols of the perimeter of the buildings as specified in guard procedures 
- Follow instructions as in the standard operating procedures
- Respond to specific instructions from the management 
- Registration under the Labor AR 
- 12 hours Day and Night shifts 
- Trial period 3 months
Требования к кандидату
- Security experience: a minimum of 3 years in the security sector, and preferably with diplomatic missions or embassies
- Valid driving licence and min 5-year experience as a driver 
- Good Working Knowledge (Level 3) of reading/speaking/writing in either Azerbaijani or Russian. Good Working Knowledge (Level 3) of reading/speaking/writing in English is required 
- Basic skills in unarmed combat, certified by a recognized training establishment 
- Knowledge of radio operational procedures 
- Excellent knowledge in first aid and fire-fighting, to be proven through relevant certificates
Please send only your CV in English language, with photo to the following e-mail address by indicating " Security Guard" in the subject Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered.

Дополнительная информация:
  • Контактное лицо: Kamran Aliyev
  • Должность: Security Guard
  • Эл. почта:
  • Телефоны 1: (012) 437-37-79
  • Название фирмы: SIR Group Security
  • Опыт работы: От 3 до 5 лет
  • Образование: Высшее