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- Job Title: Digital Marketing Specialist
- Employer: Inpress PR Solutions
- Full-Time
- The Digital Marketing Specialist will drive the digital marketing efforts for Inpress PR Solutions
- This position is responsible for content of company social media, Web design and optimization, Marketing Automation, seo, ppc and affiliate marketing, and paid search activities
- This position will focus on using analytics to drive engagement and conversion
- Own digital marketing best practices and standards within the organization, including Reporting, Measurement and Return on Investment (roi) for digital campaigns
- Analyze current best practices in integrated media campaigns as well as future directions made possible by emerging technology
- Benchmark digital activities against those of our peers in the industry; improve digital marketing strategy and tactics to “get ahead of the curve”
- Use analytic tools to track, monitor and optimize digital presence and campaigns based on historical performance
- Prepare qualitative and quantitative analysis reports and dashboards to inform various audiences of our collective performance in all dimensions of digital marketing efforts, showcasing the impact achieved for our clients

Namizədə tələblər
- Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or related field
- Two or more year’s relevant business experience in a digital marketing
- Proven competency with social media, email marketing strategy, website strategy development, and web analytics
- Proven grasp of all Paid Search mediums including remarketing, display & content, mobile, video
- Ability to multi-task and thrive in an environment with shifting priorities and time-sensitive deadlines
- Ability to work independently once strategy and direction is identified
- Strong analytical and logical skills
- Ability to effectively manage budgetary spending to maximize roi of Digital Marketing campaigns and resources

Please send you CV to our email address.
E-mail: info@inpress.az

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